Fun with Flickr

Orchid1 Orchid2

These lovely orchids showed up in my newsreader today.

Do you use a newsreader to collect RSS feeds? If that sentence is "all Greek" to you, you probably won’t understand the rest of this post either. But if you do, I’ve stumbled on something kinda fun that you may want to try.

At, members upload pictures and attach a "tag" (or descriptive word) to each of them. Other members can search a particular "tag" that they are interested in, and are instantly served up with everyone’s else’s pictures. It’s an easy way to see what other people with similar interests are taking pictures of.

Put Flickr and a newsreader together, and it gets very entertaining. Each tag has an RSS feed, and the feeds that I’ve subscribed to send me pictures of orchids, Border Collies, dogs, and puppies every day on my newsreader. Some are cute, some are bad, some are really gorgeous, and I look forward to every single one. Try it!

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