Citizen science for vegetables

For those of you lucky enough to have a vegetable patch, the seed catalogue season is about to begin!

But first, check out this very cool site: Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners.

It’s described as a "Citizen Science Program from Cornell University’s department of horticulture", and the concept is neat.

Gardeners visit this site and report what
varieties perform well – and not so well – in their gardens. Other
gardeners visit to view the variety ratings and read the reviews to
decide which might work well for them.

Asking gardeners to partner with researchers by collecting and sharing
their own observations via the web could prove to be a winning
combination for all.

…Research on the
performance of vegetable varieties is often limited to commercial
production for many reasons. Home gardens may be overlooked, in part,
because visiting thousands of home gardens to collect data would be an
overwhelming task.