Show and tell

Img_2322 The paphiopedilum I brought back from Madeira has bloomed, five very cheerful and healthy flowers. The plant seems happy with the limited amount of winter light it gets on my kitchen windowsill, though I can’t say the same for the phragmipediums I brought back, which need more light. All the inflorescences on those two plants cacked.
This is one of the plants I bought at the farmer’s market in Funchal, with no label. My friends Jocelyn and John tell me it looks like a paph insigne, Jo thinks it might be a primary hybrid of some kind because of the deep shade green in the bloom.

I pulled the picture on the left below off the internet. It’s a paphiopedilum insigne.

Paphinsigne_2 Img_2324

The picture on the right above is my plant. Five nice blooms!

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