Not this time…

The headline read:

Greenpeace to UN: No More Bare Bottoms!

Security was tight and fidgety. The cameras were ready to record the moment. Our Greenpeace activist was camouflaged to blend in to her surroundings. She had borne witness to an environmental crime: the bulldozing of fragile ocean seamounts. And she was in the presence of people who could do something about it. At the appointed moment, she leapt into the spotlight to demand action, not words.

I bit. It held promise of some kind of mass disrobing — perhaps mooning of delegates, or a streaker — and I felt sure that here was more fodder for my “naked naturalists” collection.

Bummer. Not a flash of skin to be had, it’s serious stuff about fishing trawlers ripping up the floor of the ocean.

Worthwhile read, in spite of the false advertising.