Wanna see my boobees?

WannaseemyboobeesOk, it’s a little late for Hallowe’en, but I just got back tonight from Madeira and found this in my inbox…. too cute. In addition to its seasonal relevance, and considering the German penchant for getting naked in nature at every opportunity, it seemed an appropriate welcome home.
Home. It’s the first time we’ve gone away for an extended period since we arrived in Germany. As I got out of the cab from the airport, the sensation of "arriving home" struck me rather forcefully — it’s been a while, and it felt nice. I’ve been a traveller for an awfully long time now… However, with a handsome man by my side, and armload of orchids from the island, and a happy dog waiting to greet us just inside the door, I realized that going away, and coming back, is one way to establish a sense of "home", however tenuous that particular claim might be.
I suppose the other surefire way to settle in to a place called "home" is to put pictures up on the wall. I haven’t gotten quite that far — we’re still living with the landlady’s extremely ugly choices in that department.
More on the trip, tomorrow.