It starts with cheese in the fridge

I’m almost recovered from my encounter with Oktoberfest. Not thoroughly enough to remember (or want to remember) the consequences of drinking three 1-litre mugs of beer in a tightly packed and very rowdy beer tent, so you’ll have to wait for the gory details. My stomach hasn’t settled yet (and to think the rest of ’em went on the roller coaster afterward…)

Happily, I’m vertical today and nearly back to my old self, surfing the Web for nuggets of news. This one I liked:

A Cornish Dowser’s Sixth Sense from NPR (America’s National Public Radio)

It’s an interview with a delightfully named Hamish Miller (a man with a brogue as thick as his first name) about dowsing, and how to do it. Apparently, it starts with the cheese in your fridge, and if you get really good at it, progresses to walking through walls.