Hinterland Who’s Who

If you are over 40 and were an animal-crazy television viewer as a child, listen up: THIS is the most exciting thing to happen to the Web EVER!

The Canadian Wildlife Service’s Hinterland Who’s Who vintage commercials from the 1960’s are now downloadable. That little “doo DOO doo dah dooo…” diddy has followed me like a mantra for my entire life, that, and the call of the White-Throated Sparrow.

When I was a kid I took the invitation at the end of the commercial very seriously (“for more information about the insert animal here, write the Canadian Wildlife Federation). I wrote a letter, and told them I wanted information on ALL the animals. Every single animal there was in Canada. I got a package back with about 20 sheets of information on different animals, and was miffed because I felt sure there were more animals than that. That’s when I first learned that you just can’t trust the government’s promises 😉

Speaking of goverments, I wonder if I’m the only one who is anxious about tomorrow’s election. It feels like the tension of the Quebec referendum all over again, except that this time it’s wild-eyed right wing idealogues trying to destroy our beautiful country and turn it into something we can no longer be proud to call home. In fact, I think it’s far worse than the Quebec referendum, because these are people whose motivation for change is selfish greed, not passion. Please think hard, and vote wisely tomorrow. The alternatives ain’t great, but at least they aren’t destructive.