One-of-a-kind Orchid

This article from Thailand reports:“A red foxtail orchid with an extraordinary height of 1.2 metres…was described as a one-of-a-kind specimen by an orchid expert yesterday.”

Rhynchostilis_gigantearedAlso known as Rhyncostylis gigantea, this particular specimen is a rare variety, and normally does not grow grow more than 15cm in height,
according to another Web site.

It was given to the current owner “for free last year by Bu Khampee, an elderly Tak resident he had befriended…Bu found the orchid plant in
the wild in 1974, when it was less than 10 centimetres tall.”

It took 10 years for the first flowers to appear. The orchid community in Thailand is very excited about this plant, which is described as “priceless”.