Seeds of conflict

There’s an excellent article in today’s Toronto Star about the Percy Schmeiser vs. Monsanto case..

The appeal of the landmark case of Schmeiser vs. Monsanto Canada Inc. will be heard in Ottawa early next year by the Supreme Court of Canda. The earlier findings of a lower court are almost beyond belief:

 ‘There was no finding that Mr. Schmeiser had any part to play in originally causing Roundup Ready plants to appear on his land; there was no finding that he segregated seed from such plants … (or) that he exploited or took advantage of the Roundup Ready gene,’ says his factum to the Supreme Court. Yet the Trial Court concluded that Mr. Schmeiser was an infringer and awarded his entire crop to Monsanto.’

As well, Schmeiser was ordered to pay $153,000 to Monsanto for court costs, and $19,832 ‘which represents his company’s profits from the sale of his 1998 canola crop,’ according to Monsanto'”