Blooming at my house today…

This is a Phrag. Sedenii ‘Blush’, otherwise known as a Phragmipedium. I bought this one in bloom from John Marcotte, it has a second spike that is about to bust out another set of flowers any day now.
Phrags are my favourite orchids — I love the slipper lip on the blooms, and they seem to grow well for me. They need lots and lots of water, so they don’t have any objections to my heavy-handed watering ways. I like a flower that likes me back.

This is Mtdm. Bartley Schwarz ‘Highland’ AM/AOS. “Mtdm.” stands for Miltonidium, which is a Miltonia crossed with an Oncidium. I guess if you don’t know what a Miltonia or an Oncidium look like, that’s not much help. But, it’s a pretty flower, there are several on the spike, and they’re a deep burgundy red with a creamy white lip. I can take full credit for this one, it’s the first time it has bloomed for me.

This little cutie isn’t an orchid, it’s an air plant of some kind. I think it’s really a Tribble from an old Star Trek episode.