Take all my money, but leave my garden tools….

My car was broken into last night. It’s parked in a garage of sorts (cement block hut, really) in the back alley, and somebody broke through the passenger side window. Probably kids or a rubbie looking for change, which they didn’t find. They probably gave up after rooting through a bewildering array of old coffee cups, empty water bottles, wrappers, papers, and other assorted “things” that should have made it to a garbage can or recycling bin long ago. The stink of mildew and old dog must have discouraged any lengthy exploration. Anyway, Laird called me at work to break the news, he assured me that nothing was stolen, not even the old car radio and tape deck. He discovered the break-in when he got in to take said vintage 1991 car to the mechanic up the street to see about its disconcerting habit of stalling at high speeds.

I’ll be honest, my first thought was dismay. Damn! Why hadn’t I just left the door unlocked so they wouldn’t have had to break the window?? Then I realized I’d left all my garden tools in the trunk. My garden tools!!! My new fancy-dancy Telsco Weeder, the one I haven’t even tried out yet!! Laird hadn’t actually looked in the trunk (it’s a hatchback), but he assured me that no one would have stolen garden tools. I wailed anyway. Why wouldn’t a burgler want my garden tools???

He called me back later to tell me that all my tools are safe. After we spoke, he had walked over to the mechanic’s shop, in the rain, to see if they were still in the trunk.

The man is a keeper. He may not understand gardening, but he sure understands me.