Action in the grow room

There’s lotsa action in the grow room tonight. One of the four big buds on the Queen of the Night has bloomed — sadly, the other three will bloom tomorrow night while I’m in Montreal, missing it. I made Laird promise that he’d invite his friends over tomorrow and stare at it and make all the impressed noises this occasion deserves. Plus, I bought a new orchid today, at a little flower shop in Bloor West Village. It’s Blc. Alma Kee, a gorgeous yellow with a deep burgundy lip that is lined with gold. It’s a real beauty.

Here’s something else that’s interesting. Remember I wrote a while ago that the Hibisicus Moscheutos blooms became white as the weather got colder outdoors? Well, I brought the giant plant indoors, and in the warmer conditions the blooms are dusted with deep pink. Odd. I’ve read that this plant is hardy to zone 5, which I find very hard to believe — it looks so exotic. I’m afraid to leave the pot outdoors all winter and risk losing it.

To the right is a close-up of the Queen of the Night plant. The blooms open at night and are dead by morning. The scent is intoxicating — a very heavy perfume. To the left is a close-up of the Hibiscus Moscheutos bloom.