A small hurricane

The remnants of Hurricane Isabel is tearing through Toronto right now, with high winds and heavy rains. For the last two nights I’ve been bringing some of the more vulnerable plants indoors (it’s time anyway). I have a problem — a nice problem – most of the plants have doubled in size, and very few of them fit on the shelves in the back porch, under my grow light. I’m definitely going to have to get rid of some of them.

I’ve had my share of trials getting these plants inside. Last night, I put up a bracket for hanging plants over the sliding door, and it promptly fell when I loaded it up with two very long, trailing epiphyllums. I could hardly bring myself to look at the damage on the floor, but happily they’re tough plants, and though they lost a couple of pieces they’re ok. I stuck the pieces back in the soil so they could root.

The night before last I was choked when my epi parkinsonianum fell and part of the flower spike I’ve been nursing all summer broke off. That one hurt.