Streptocarpus, or Cape Primrose

I’m happy with my streptocarpus, or Cape Primrose, plants. They are related to African Violets, and are in fact from the same Gesneriad family. They are very easy to grow, and bloom constantly. I have four — one deep blue, one light blue, one rose coloured, and one a mystery. I became concerned about them in the grow light stand in the hall about a month ago, when they suddenly stopped growing and blooming, and the leaves became very blotched, almost bleached. I assumed they had picked up powdery mildew, a bad case of which was ripping through the top shelf of African Violets (and still is… a bugger to get rid of). I sprayed them with fungicide, and gave them several drenches with my tried & true Neem/Insecticidal Soap for good measure. They liked the Neem, and perked up considerably after that. But then they just sat….and didn’t grow, didn’t bloom.

Last week, I decided to move them to the grow room, where the humidity is higher. Almost overnight, they started to bloom again. The little mystery plant is even starting to put out a leaf. They are pretty little things…I almost like them more than the African Violets. Almost. At least they seem to be less finicky.