I pulled the camera out

I pulled the camera out tonight, and took a picture of the worm composter. Some recommend that holes be drilled in the bottom of plastic containers so that the liquid from the decomposing waste can drain out, preferably on to a tray and not the floor (the liquid makes a good manure tea). Otherwise, the liquid can make for uncomfortable worms in soggy bedding, and the contents can become stinky because of the anaerobic conditions. It’s also suggested that air vents be drilled 2 inches up from the bottom as well as at the top, for cross-ventilation. This model has neither, though the top air vents are decorated with a cute red apple and worm.

Alas, I discover too late that a worm composter can easily be made from a Roughneck storage container for half the price. Ventilation and drainage can easily be drilled, and covered on the inside with some landscape fabric to prevent the worms from red wriggling their way to accidental freedom. Ah well, it is a pretty green, and the apple thingie IS cute. And there’s no danger that I’ll mistake it for a box of summer clothes, tucking it away on a shelf in a cupboard somewhere for the next six months. There, I’ve convinced myself it was a worthwhile investment.