Jake: 1991 – 2007

We made the painful decision to put Jake, our Border Collie, to sleep this afternoon. He was 16 years old. Jake was a magnificent animal inside and out, and a wonderful, wonderful friend. We miss him.

6 thoughts on “Jake: 1991 – 2007

  1. I’m not even sure how I stumbled upon your blog this evening, but I did, and I’m so glad. Your tribute to Jake is beautiful, what a lucky dog he was, what lucky people you are to have had him in your life! I know Border Collies, and they are extraordinary. Met one once named Corby, and felt as if I were immediately in a relationship with a awesome being. Ah, if only humans could be more like dogs!


  2. Hi Sandy,
    I’m so very sorry to hear of Jake’s passing. He was my favourite Border Collie on Earth and certainly provided both Mike and I with a great amount of joy when we looked after him for you. He will be missed a great deal – but more importantly, remembered for being an outstanding animal and companion.
    Love lots,
    Nadine, Mike
    (Parker & Munster)


  3. I am so sorry to read about Jake. I cried as I watched the video. Border Collie’s have such a personality, you can see it in their eyes. He was a beautiful boy and I’m sure he had a wonderful life with you.


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